Allaur Designs create "work of art" 3D greetings cards.




I create exquisitely hand crafted 3-dimensional all occasion greeting cards, unique in their design and therefore no two products are ever the same.

Each image consists of multiple layers, carefully hand-cut, shaped and layered to create a scene that is so realistic it comes to life.



I approach my work with a unique perspective in order to present a professional product.  My style and technique are broad and flexible, developed over years of training and experience









Please contact me to purchase a card or if you have a special request.


Whether you are looking for a unique card - framed or unframed - or need help with a larger project, I would love to work with you. Because my cards are one of a kind, I may not have the exact card of your choice available.  However, please contact me indicating the number on the card you like and, if already sold, I will respond with a close alternative or suggestion.   

 I have worked with individuals who require a specifically themed card, as well as large commercial companies on a continuing basis.

 I also sell my work through several specialty gift stores in B.C.


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                                                                             SUMMER 2015 



 LATEST ADDITIONS - November 2014




NEW ADDITIONS - for March - April - May 2014

NEW ADDITIONS for January and February 2014

NEW CARDS - August 2013 

The cards are carefully crafted in sections of up to 6 layers, ensuring contour and realistic 3-d depth. 
Embellishments vary and may include "jewelry" where appropriate.
The following detailed and enlarged sections of an image are intended to showcase
the fine work involved.

Testimonials and Feedback:

Upon sending a sympathy card on the passing of the founder of "National Tree Company" in the USA, the following feedback was received:

"Of the many cards received, this is the only one going into the showcase.  We are extremely appreciative." 

"I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate my beautiful ladies!  You were very kind to do these by request and I will always treasure them.  I have sent some photos so you can see them framed, but the photos do not do them justice.  They are so much more beautiful than shown,  I will continue to look for your work whenever I am at "Fancy This gifts" in Ladner, BC

Thank you again.  N.Susan Smith, Richmond, BC."

"I am just about to mail your cards to executives in the US; these are the most beautiful cards we have ever sent.

J. McNeill Enterprises Inc."

"Since my mom has difficulty reading, her 84 year old sister read it to her and was moved to tears with the meaningful words you so aptly provided. Good work Elisabeth; you do have the talent.

Pat McNeill British Columbia.

"I have been the recipient of some of your cards.  I can tell everyone how beautiful and creative they are. Keep up your artistry.

Mickie Priess, Irvine, California"

"I've seen your cards and they're absolutely exquisite.

I. Robbertze, Johannesburg, South Africa."

Your cards are so nice to receive.

D.Archer, British Columbia."

"In my critical eyes your card creations are definitely a step above any other cards I've seen.  The detail and fine cutting is amazing and the final product can really be deemed a work of art.  I'm your best customer and #1 supporter.

Paula Volkerts van Hoogendaal, Holland."

"This afternoon I received a telephone call from the recipients of the card I got from you.  Even in the dire situation with which they find themselves, with my friend's health deteriorating quickly, they were absolutely thrilled with the card, saying they have never received a more attractive one.

Donna Gilmore, Tsawwassen, BC"

I am so fortunate to have received another one of your cards for my recent birthday.  It's absolutely beautiful and definitely a "keeper".  I am so proud of it that I have posted it on my Facebook page for everyone to see.  Thank you so much for your artistic work.

Mickie Priess, Irvine, California.

I gave my granddaughter the card last night.  She was quite thrilled and impressed.  So thank you for all the time and effort you put into creating this beautiful graduation card.

Evelyn Mann, Surrey, B.C. 

"Thank you so much for the beautiful graduation card for Sarah.  She was thrilled.  I have taken a picture of your card to show around.  I also want to add that Sarah loved seeing a picture of Sparkle (her dog) on the back of the card."

Joan Noble, Ladner, B.C.

Elisabeth, I received my cards today and they are simply beautiful.  Thank you so very much.  I will be ordering more cards to give to family members and friends.  Again, thank you.

Patricia G. Savannah, GA, USA



 For other images and special orders please contact me. 
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